What does the result from the FontEye search mean

When you do a font search in Graphic Tracer, it will search all of our databases plus the fonts installed on your computer and any collections you have added. (If you have Corel Draw and have added fonts through that program or Corel Font Manager, these fonts are automatically added to your databases.) When the search is ready, you will get a list of suggested fonts in the Fonts list box. The best matching font is at the top of the list. You can preview other suggested fonts in the list by clicking them.

If Graphic Tracer is unable to find a match at the top of the list, you might sometimes get a better match by looking at the second or third place in the list.

However if none of them look correct, you can do a new search with the 'Try stretching' option checked. This way, you can identify the font even if the designer has stretched or compressed the text you are working with. If you check the 'Replaceable only' option, the program will only search through fonts that you own, vector shapes and free to use fonts.

Fonts that are green are fonts that you own which means that you can use them to replace texts. When you select a green font the 'Replace' button is activated.
Yellow results are not fonts. They are collections of vector shapes that you can use for replacing texts. Gray and white fonts are fonts from our identification databases. These can not be used for text replacement, but you will be able to get the name for the font and then acquire it from a font provider.